Mundy Reimer

newer stuff

Some recent projects that I've worked on... *For a more frequently updated list of projects, see [my Github repo here]( --- ## Oceanography [Project Argo]( Built various machine learning models such as spectral clustering, k-means, & gaussian mixture models ran on PySpark's distributed computing framework to cluster temperature profiles of the fleet of [Argo floating buoys]( around the world. This network of floats monitors temperature, salinity, currents, and bio-optical properties of the world's oceans, providing sensor measurements for climate and oceanographic research. [Data set found here]( Our team's initial project [slide-deck found here]( Used: PySpark, AWS EMR, Spectral Clustering, K-Means, Gaussian-Mixture Models, PCA --- ## Music & Linguistics [Experimented with different machine learning classifiers]( for determining iambic pentameter in song lyrics and sonnets. Iambic Pentameter is a type of rhythm or meter in which five small groups of syllables called *Iambs* or "feet", which in English are unstressed followed by stressed syllables, are found coupled together. Poem and sonnet data were obtained and cleaned from a variety of sources like Shakespeare, Keats, Frost, Shelley, and Jackson -scraped texts available on the web, while songs from artists such as Taylor Swift and the Backstreet Boys were obtained from [Data.World]( Used: --- ## Charity [Designed a recommendation system]( in conjunction with PySpark's Distributed Computing framework that matches classroom charity projects (teachers and their classroom requests) to the most probable donors nationwide. []( in partnership with Google helped provide this [data set]( freely available on Kaggle. Our team's [project slide-deck can be found here]( Used: --- ## Dark Web Markets [Dark Market Cocaine Price Prediction]( Used various machine learning models to predict the bitcoin price of dark market cocaine. The [data set]( was scraped by a third party and contains approximately 1,400 standardized product listings from Dream Market's *Cocaine* category. Our team's [project slide-deck can be found here]( Used: