Mundy Reimer

Generating a Garden with Python

20 December 2020

Second part of my Rewriting Systems Sequence. A Python tutorial on experimenting with Lindenmayer systems to generate biological structures of various plants.

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An Introduction to Lindenmayer Grammars

15 December 2020

Part 0 of my Rewriting Systems Sequence. An introduction to abstract rewriting systems, lindenmayer systems, and formal grammars, exploring the philosophical motivation, mathematical theory, practical applications, and major assumptions.

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Organisms as a Special Kind of Information

05 December 2020

Long-form notes recording attempts to model biological organisms using Shannon's concept of Entropy & Information. This is an effort to disentangle thoughts and see where metaphors + jargon fit, stretch, and break during the mapping.

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On the Free Energy Principle

20 July 2020

A collection of my thoughts, resources, and related ideas regarding the Free Energy Principle. Discusses Helmholtz machines, causal flow, dynamical systems, markov blankets, thermodynamics, entropy, variational methods, teleology, philosophy of science, & more.

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