Mundy Reimer


Just a playful compilation of my seemingly eclectic thoughts, interests, & works :)


Some of the things I enjoy thinking about:



An academic at heart, I’m in my natural element when discussing neat and novel ideas. The fastest way to catch my interest is through a book, so if you have bibliophilic tendencies, I more than welcome hearing about the latest thing you’ve read!

I particularly enjoy philosophy and science-fiction, but generally my interests can be quite broad. In fact, if I were to make up a fictional profession / identity that I’d love to have, I would call myself a ‘metaphoratician’ (like a mathematician-linguist-artist hybrid), who will happily steal concepts, metaphors, and jargon from one field and apply them to another in interdisciplinary fashion. Seeing how well metaphors fit, stretch, and break when transferred from one domain to the next is what definitely sparks joy for me ~*

More srsly, I’m currently a master’s student in mathematics. I also have a former master’s in data science with an undergraduate background in neuroscience & cellular biology, having dabbled quite a bit in both computer science and philosophy as well.

Besides this personal blog of mine, I am an active & founding member of the international Society for Multidisciplinary and Fundamental Research (SEMF), in addition to being an independent researcher studying artificial life & potential axiomatic foundations of biology. I also write articles on Medium about various machine learning + bioinformatics topics, and volunteer and coordinate events in the local Bay Area Python Community.

Feel free to also check out my projects here and my professional background here.

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